Monday, October 1, 2007

This is for all the musicians out there

This is a list of sites for musicians all for free! - guitarists, bassists and drummers:

Guitar: - you can find tutorials for metal/rock guitar and some interactive tabs. - find any chord you want fast for guitar or bass. - this is the licks section of this site, you can learn many cool licks here. - interactive solos and riffs with a recording of them being played, a good place to learn from.

Bass: - great site for the bassist and the musician, the site explains music theory and everything you need to know to start playing bass. - a bass site with lessons for beginners, tablature, gear reviews, articles, resources and more! - a huge list of site for the bassist, everything you'll ever need is here!

Drums: - a great site with drum lessons for the beginner and the advanced. - there is nothing better than video drum lessons. - another drum video lesson site... - and another... - this site contains drum tablatures of famous drummers, a huge set of lessons and much more! highly recommanded.

Hope you will find it useful!

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