Thursday, October 4, 2007


GreaseMonkey is a Firefox addon i've been using for a while, i think it will be useful to everyone. GreaseMonkey lets you add a Javascript to a site or sites - changing/adding adjustments to the site that only you can see. For example you can add a script that lets you download DivX files from video sites like stage6.

To download GreaseMonkey(Firefox only):

To download the DivX download script:

To install a script:
1. Install GreaseMonkey and restart Firefox.
2. Find a script you want to add and view it(in your browser, no need to download).
3. Go to Tools > Greasemonkey > New Script. Now a dialog will show, wait a few seconds and click on Install, if the script is installed you will see a message in the status bar that confirms the installation.
*4. Notice the monkey head icon on the bottom of your browser, if you click it you can enable and disable GreaseMonkey.

If you have questions just comment or send me an email:

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